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Woodstock at 50: The 1960s & the Transformation of American Society Institute


In August of 1969, the social and political forces at work in throughout the 1960s converged at Yasgur’s Farm. The ensuing music festival became a pivotal moment in defining American identity. In honor Woodstock’s 50th anniversary, this institute will explore the cultural, social and political impact of Woodstock and the 1960s on American society and how the changes of the 1960s still impact the United States today. This conference will analyze ways that these societal changes crystalized at the Woodstock Festival. Most importantly, we will analyze ways that social and cultural change were enacted in the 1960s and discuss what lessons individuals working to “take informed action” today can learn from this era. Educators from across the country will have the opportunity to earn credit through Central Connecticut State University through their Department of History. Additionally, the conference will explore and connect the theme of the culture of assembly past and present.

Guiding Themes:

  • The cultural and political importance of Woodstock, American culture, and the 1960s
  • The value of using music to teach in the social studies classroom
  • Changes and conflicts of the 1960s and today
  • Music as a change-agent

Facilitators: Bill Carbone, Vice President of Education, Rock and Rock Forever Foundation Steve Armstrong, Past President, National Council for the Social Studies Dennis McNally, Scholar in Residence, Historian, Author, and Music Publicist

Collaborating Organizations: Rock and Roll Forever Foundation Bethel Woods Center for the Arts History Department, Central Connecticut State University

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