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Korea's Place in Teaching Human Geography

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Korea's Place in Teaching Human Geography

Korea’s Place in Teaching Human Geography:  Lessons on the Population, Culture, and Economy of the Republic of Korea.
World History Digital Education Foundation

 “This book’s modules for South Korea provide students with the opportunity to apply skills and perspectives that will enhance their future geographic perspectives and practices as engaged, responsible citizens.”
Joseph p. Stoltman, Introduction.

South Korea’s dramatic economic growth and political democratization have made it a country to watch in the 21st century.

This book goes beyond the political headlines to provide readers with a greater understanding of the country itself as it faces the challenges of population growth, a changing cultural landscape, and rapid economic development. The first of the book’s three modules examines the country’s changing demographic structure and population policies. The second reviews the Korean cultural landscape, noting the continuing influence of Korea’s tradition of geomancy on the “why of where” in the landscape, and examining the diffusion of Korean culture to other countries. The final module tracks the transformation of South Korea into a country with a highly developed economy after being one of the poorest nations in the world at the end of the Korean War.

The lessons and assessments in this book promote skills and content that are taught in the AP Human Geography course. The teaching tips in each module provide step-by-step suggestions for class activities that will engage and enrich students as they explore a country that has faced many major challenges and has achieved notable successes. 

This book is co-published by the National Council for the Social Studies and the World History Digital Education Foundation, with the support of the Korea Foundation.

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