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Korea's Place in Teaching World History

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Korea's Place in Teaching World History

World History Digital Education Foundation 208 pages, 2018

This unique publication provides high school teachers of world history with primary sources, background information, and engaging class activities about historical and contemporary Korea.

While the book provides important information on premodern Korean history, most of its lessons focus on the period since the Korean War. Students will be fascinated to learn about the different economic, ideological, and political paths followed by North and South Korea, and the reasons for the "Great Divergence" between the two states that resulted from South Korea's fast-growing economy and political democratization.

The lessons in this book promote the AP World History reasoning skills of Contextualization, Comparison, Causation, and the analysis of Continuity and Change. At a time when the countries of the Pacific Rim are playing an increasing role in world affairs, but are not well covered by history textbooks, this book offers educators invaluable resources for teaching about Korea's place in world history.