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Revolution of Ideas: A Decade of C3 Inquiry

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Revolution of Ideas: A Decade of C3 Inquiry

Kathy Swan, S. G. Grant, and John Lee

The publication of the College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards on Constitution Day in 2013 marked the beginning of a revolution: an inquiry revolution of ideas. From the New York Toolkit project in 2015 to the widespread adoption of the Inquiry Design Model (IDM), educators around the world have been activated and inspired by the Inquiry Arc in the C3 Framework. This book is not only a celebration of the improbable victories and a recognition of how far we have come as a social studies community, but it is also a testament to the gathering of the inquiry forces unlike any curriculum effort in the past. 

The twenty-seven published articles in this book, drawn primarily from the “Teaching the C3 Framework” columns in Social Education, demonstrate how the ideas of the C3 Framework have made their way into many facets of social studies: standards, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and teacher education. Looking back on a decade of inquiry, Kathy Swan, S. G. Grant, and John Lee invite you to join the celebration of the C3 Framework’s impact on social studies education and to continue blazing the inquiry trail and fueling the revolution. 

¡Viva la inquiry revolución!